As long as we have been Human, we have been makers. Making is intrinsic to who and what we are.

My small area of expertise is as a Furniture Designer and Maker working in wood and I believe anybody can learn these skills and can produce their own furniture to a high standard.

Woodwork Classes

I teach beginners and intermediates, the necessary skills to create and finish a piece, first through a number of set pieces and then through furniture they want to make for themselves.

I help with everything from the design through to the final finish.

Through this process we will learn to value the materials with which we work, the knowledge which has come down to us and ourselves, through our work.

These classes will suit anyone with a desire to create a fine piece of furniture that is both practical & beautiful, while attaining woodworking skills & a sense of achievement at having made it yourself.



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Class Details


These classes are suited to all ages above 16 years & are for males & females.

Students attend on a month by month basis.

Classes are kept small – 4 to 6 people maximum to allow for one to one training.

First Classes, approximately 10 weeks are based around set pieces, which are designed to build your skills and teach you how to safely use the machinery.


Set Projects:  The kit fee for these projects may change over time depending on the materials used.

  1. Chopping board (Kit fee $29.70)
  2. Mallet (No Charge for materials)
  3. Mitred and splined box with veneered lid (Kit fee $45.00)

On completion of set pieces, students move onto their own projects. I assist with everything from design through to construction.

Tools are available for use, however you will need to bring your own Ear Protection, Safety Glasses and Dust Mask. Wear clothes that can get dirty, or an apron and safety shoes (enclosed leather a minimum).


Unfortunately our classes have temporarily ceased due to a change in our Workshop premises.  Once we have established a new workshop we will update this page with any details.


North Nowra 2541


$ To be advised.