Thirston Morris- Furniture Designer Maker

William Morris, one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts movement in around 1860 said, “Have nothing in your houses which you don’t either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

I believe I can achieve both, by designing and building fine furniture which fulfils its functional requirements, while at the same time being beautiful.

Added to which, through the use of traditional and contemporary construction methods, I build pieces which become heirlooms of the future and in so doing, make furniture which maintains and enhances its value over time.



Any of these furniture items can be customised to your tastes, allowing you the joy of owning your own unique piece of furniture to hand down for generations. If you would like to see more of Thirston's Fine Furniture, select "view more".  Each individual piece has its own detailed information.

TM Fine Woodwork Classes

Come join one of our Woodwork classes.  An opportunity to learn how to produce your own unique piece of furniture as well as socialise with like minded “Woodies”.

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In today’s retail environment with mass produced products purchased from generic retail outlets, commissioning furniture is a unique experience.

To have a piece of furniture designed especially for you, taking into account all of your requirements, whether it is a specific design idea or style, or to fulfil a space and functional requirement, is an exciting and deeply satisfying process, which results in a rare and unique piece of furniture.

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Thirston is an Accredited Member of Studio Woodworkers Australia

Studio Woodworkers Australia is a national organisation dedicated to professional designer makers working in wood. Founded in 2011, it comprises both Accredited Members and General Members. Accredited Members have been peer-assessed to the highest standards through a stringent application process. This means they can assure clients of the best quality of designing, making and service.

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Chatoyance Exhibition-New Work by Studio Woodworkers Australia members

Some of Australia’s finest Furniture Designer Makers, including Thirston, will be particpating in an exhibition, Chatoyance, new work by Studio Woodworkers Australia.  Opening on Sunday 18 February at 11am with special guest, Richard Munao, Founder of Cult Design – the exhibition opening will be a part of the annual Tools & Techniques Weekend (17 & 18 February) held in […] Read More Website coming soon

We are currently working on the Allwood Specialty Timbers website. We appreciate your patience while we work on completing the website. In the meantime if you would like to get in contact with us, our contact details, as well as a map to Allwood Specialty Timbers is available on this sites contact page. Please feel […] Read More

Exciting News: Thirston with his wife Bernadette are the new owners of Allwood Specialty Timbers in North Nowra NSW

Allwood Speciality Timbers, Thirston Morris Fine Furniture is a connectivity of two businesses which brings together a number of elements, all of which are involved with the construction of furniture. Allwood Speciality Timbers is primarily a Timber Merchant which stocks and supplies a high standard of Select Grade Timbers, both Australian and imported.  It also provides […] Read More